December 7, 2016

Jewelry in India

Going Cashless: India Raids ‘Hidden’ Money, Confiscates Gold & Jewelry

Paving the way for ‘no person left behind’, Central banks are putting police power and brutality behind their move to a cashless society. Understand that gold and gold jewelry are traditional stores of value in India. Secondly, note that the banking cartel is going after this gold and jewelry because it is ‘hidden’ wealth and comparable to cash.

Roger Pielke, Jr.

How Global Warming Antagonists Are Systematically Marginalized

This first-person story reveals how John Podesta (member, Trilateral Commission and climate change advocate) caused one professor to be eliminated as a writer from a major publication. Were it not for Wikileaks releasing volumes of Podesta’s emails, we would have never known that it was him behind the underhanded attack.

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