White House: Embrace Robots Taking Half Your Jobs

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The government has taken an official position on robots and artificial intelligence destroying millions of jobs in America, namely, embrace it. It is purely a Technocrat mentality.  TN Editor

Artificial intelligence is coming, and policymakers need to prepare the economy for it, the White House said in a report released Wednesday.

The report, “Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy,” suggests the U.S. should invest in and develop AI, because it has “many benefits,” education and train Americans for the jobs of the future, and aid workers in the transition and empower them to share in future growth.

But the authors of the report acknowledge that there are countless unknowns, from what the effects could be, to how quickly they’ll arrive.

“Researchers’ estimates on the scale of threatened jobs over the next decade or two range from 9% to 47%,” they write, but add that the economy has always proved to be resilient to take existing rates of change and shrinking of industry in stride.

(“Productivity” can sound arbitrary and dry, but, as the authors write, greater productivity in the economy translates into better living standards.)

Still, the people who will lose out to artificial intelligence are the most vulnerable: those with less education, in lower wage jobs, such as driving and house cleaning.

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vlad the impaler

So life imitates art, again!


Jim Reinhart

It looks like the technocracy through IoT will have automated manufacturing, distribution warehousing and retail through big data to predetermine supply, demand, who, what where. Intra and inter industry communication to consumer consumption and tracking modeling. A closed system of one big global society?

Jim Reinhart

Biometrics has already been plugged into the new IDEF ID Ecosystem Framework (not the other IDEF 0,1,2,…) to work with IoT


Automation has been taking place for decades. Automation is exactly what brought up our quality lifestyle to what we have now. Because of automated thing, stuff has become a lot less costly to create and thus, less costly for the customer. But maybe soon, there will not be an excuse for people to have interaction along with other people whatsoever. We all will sit close to bringing up-to-date our social network accounts as well as filling up our faces or perhaps we’ll simply get a robot to achieve that for us as too. Just like Wall E movie?

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