FL Transportation Authority: Driverless Vehicles Will Replace Rail System

Jacksonville SkywayJacksonville Skyway/Flcikr

Rail systems are already being outmoded by autonomous vehicles because of expense. Autonomous mini-vans can pick people up wherever they are, and transport them to wherever they want to go. No, this is not science fiction or a Jetson’s cartoon.  TN Editor

The Ultimate Urban Circulator would deploy autonomous vehicles onto the current Skyway route and expand into other neighborhoods and developments.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is moving into the development phase of replacing the aging Skyway rail system with autonomous vehicles that could reach Brooklyn, Riverside and the sports complex anchored by EverBank Field.

The JTA Board of Directors voted unanimously Thursday to move into the development phase of what the staff is calling the Ultimate Urban Circulator, which would deploy the driverless vehicles onto the current Skyway route and expand into other neighborhoods and developments.

JTA has arranged with a driverless vehicle manufacturer for a demonstration March 8 at Intuition Ale Works. JTA executives have been in discussions with multiple vendors and this demonstration will be an opportunity for those in the community to ride and learn more about the vehicles.

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