May 8, 2017

Christiana Figueres

Soul-Searching Scientists Struggling To Convince World Of Climate Change

Christiana Figueres announces a new strategy to keep the climate fraud scam alive, namely, ‘soul-searching’ scientists need to do a better job of explaining their science. What Figures has done is sweep all non-believing climate scientists into a soulless class of zombie scientists. For a Technocrat, the term soul-searching scientist might be an oxymoron.

Steve Bannon

Big Data: Web Of Technocracy Is Rapidly Subverting Governments

Excellent investigative journalism produces some very disturbing links between big data, Eric Schmidt, Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon. There is a thread of Technocracy running through the entire affair, even if it is not fully understood yet. While governments agencies are limited by federal law, privately-owned, offshore corporations are not.

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