August 6, 2017

Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog

California Ranchers Rebel As 1.8 Million Acres Set Aside For… Frogs?

This is an example of Reflexive Law being applied, which I explained in Chapter 7 of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. This whole twisted mess started when the radical Center for Biological Diversity (based in Tucson, Arizona) sued the state of California for alleged abuses that endangered a native frog, that required the U.S. Fish & Wildlife to intervene and sequester huge tracks of land. In the meantime, the ranchers are being forced to comply with regulations that they had no part in creating in the first place.

Artificial Intelligence Will Lead To The Human Soul, Not Destroy It

I have long stated that the goals of Technocrats and Transhumanists are laced with pure fantasy, and will never be achieved as they envision. The ‘soul’ of man will never be downloaded into a computer. Robots more intelligent than man will never roam urban landscapes. This leaves them with the option of faking it, which they are already becoming proficient at.

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