August 15, 2017


UN Geospatial Organization Lines Up with 2030 Agenda To Force Sustainable Development

Geospatial intelligence is the tracking of every moving thing in a society, including people and the Internet of Everything. That UN-GGIM is teaming up to enforce 2030 Agenda is designed to create Technocracy, and soon. Note the quote from the article: “China added that all governments should make geospatial information the primary source of data for social and economic development.”

Fighting Back Against Corporate Technocrats Who Abuse Product Owners

Technocrats at corporate giants like to project their autocracy on their products’ owner, but several states are fighting back. Oppressive and unfair practices to deny product repairs except through them is keeping lawmakers busy. Technocrat lawyers are out in force to shut down consumer legislation.

Federal Reserve

Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff Drives Technocrat Plan To Kill Cash

Ken Rogoff concludes that after cash has been stripped out of society, negative interest rates can give every saver a proper ‘haircut’ by charging him to keep money in the bank. But, you can’t take it out when cash is gone. Technocrats will rejoice if people walk into this quicksand.