February 2018

Trilateral Commission Member Exits Trump Administration For Goldman Sachs

 member of the Trilateral Commission and the CfT, Powell served at U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy to President Donald Trump. She also concurrently served as Assistant to the President for Economic Initiatives. The Trilateral Commission was instrumental in calling for a New International Economic Order in 1973, and then creating and promoting the doctrine of Sustainable Development at the U.N., aka Technocracy. Thus, Powell’s first year with Trump allowed her to have a huge impact on Trump’s economic policy.

Apple’s Technocrat CEO Seeks ‘Elimination Of Money’

Technocrat Tim Cook heads the giant Apple organization and he is calling for a) the elimination of money in society and b) Universal Basic Income, both of which are pillars of modern Technocracy. Don’t assume for a minute that Cook doesn’t understand what he is doing!

Sweden’s Economy To Be Completely Stripped Of Cash

Technocrats are crushing Sweden – read this article carefully for hints at the future: “the public’s means of payments is controlled by commercial parties”, “Such a scenario would be worrying in the event of natural disaster or a technological breakdown, with Swedes potentially unable to buy the basics needed to survive.”

China Excels In Development Finance, Or ‘Fintech’

As a full-fledged Technocracy, China’s Technocrat leaders have no interest in helping the poor in their country or anywhere else in the world. They do intend to lead in so-called ‘Fintech’ that will complete massive infrastructure projects.

Sheeple? Scientists Create First Human-Sheep Hybrids

There are few ethical or moral boundaries with Technocrat scientists. The slippery slope of dangerous technology has already begun, and will likely end very poorly for mankind. In any case, this could give new meaning to the term ‘sheeple’.