4th Industrial Revolution

Las Vegas: Two Thirds Of Jobs Could Be Automated By 2035

Warning! U.S. citizens need to face the brutal facts surrounding robotic replacement of human labor, and express some alarm before it is too late. Technocrats are bent on obsoleting humans from the workforce and relegating them to Universal Basic Income (UBI). The new class of ‘unemployables’ will essentially be a new slave class supported with a subsistence wage.

Wage Spiral In China Displaces Chinese Workers With Robots

The grass was not greener on the other side of the ocean, and turns out to be a cheap plastic imitation. Companies are not looking for cheaper labor markets since it is cheaper to invest in robotics right where they are. This trend will hit the west like a ton of bricks over time. Read the entire story and pull out the displacement numbers for China alone.

Challenging The ‘Official’ Automation Narrative

This is a must-read article on the real impact of automation and AI on employment, which is reportedly being vastly underestimated. As Technocracy draws closer to  critical mass, this mega-trend will lead to a siren call for Universal Basic Income (UBI). UBI is tantamount to outright slavery because it will lock in the new class of humanity called ‘unemployables’.