4th Industrial Revolution

AI Creates ‘False Reality’ That Is Indistinguishable From Real World

Artificial Reality is the next step beyond Artificial Intelligence, and the human mind could be completely rewired in the process. Court evidence could be faked, brainwashing would be permanent, memories could be created. The greatest danger will be for young children whose minds are just figuring out what reality is and isn’t. The most powerful delivery mechanism will be Virtual Reality devices that stimulate multiple senses during the simulation. 

Robots Could Kill 73 Million U.S. Jobs By 2030, 800 Million Globally

The Technocrat inventors behind this anti-human movement of displacing human work are building a system that will control every facet of human existence. There is no moral or ethical restraint whatever. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is being positioned as the Technocrat solution, which will result in a permanent slave-class of humanity from which there will be no escape.