4th Industrial Revolution

DEFCON: Professional Hackers Breached Dozens Of Voting Machines Within Minutes

The utter lack of security on voting systems around the world shatters the illusion of tamper-free elections. Technocrats who build these technologies have no sense of building in security from the start, and could care less about patching them up after they have been hacked. White-hat hackers busted in to many machines within minutes of starting. Un-hackable voting machine is an oxymoron.

China To Sharpen Technocracy By Becoming AI ‘World Leader’ by 2030

China has already emerged as the largest and most advanced Technocracy in the world, but it will solidity those advances with artificial intelligence. Essentially, AI will be used to operate the Technates (Smart Cities) and connect together various supply chains used in manufacturing and delivering goods and services. Social engineering will be fully automated. 

Las Vegas: Two Thirds Of Jobs Could Be Automated By 2035

Warning! U.S. citizens need to face the brutal facts surrounding robotic replacement of human labor, and express some alarm before it is too late. Technocrats are bent on obsoleting humans from the workforce and relegating them to Universal Basic Income (UBI). The new class of ‘unemployables’ will essentially be a new slave class supported with a subsistence wage.

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