Climate Change

Calls To Punish Skeptics Rise With Links To Climate Change, Hurricanes

Technocrats get very edgy when their pseudo-science is exposed as faulty and corrupt, leading them to resort to Inquisition-style punishment at the hands of thought-police.  They have no defense, and they likely know it, but when climate change is turned into a religion (by Scientism), irrational beliefs need no empirical support.

John Coleman

Weather Channel Founder Denies Climate Change, So ‘Put Me To Death’

Al Gore says the science of global warming is settled, but the founder of the hugely successful Weather Channel, John Coleman, says Gore absolutely wrong and his science is fake. The world will not listen to credentialed experts like Coleman, Willie Soon, Lord Christopher Monckton, Dr. Istvan Marko and thousands of other climate scientists who say the same thing about Gore.