Cash Is Already Pretty Much Dead In China

The subhead states that “the dominance of mobile transactions lends itself to greater data collection by the Chinese government.” There is little more that needs to be said about Technocracy’s rapid ascent in China.

Android Pay

Tipping Point: The Global Journey From Cash to Cashless

The ‘Cashless Journey’ is a global initiative of Technocrat, globalist bankers, who use governments with statements like: ‘Governments can speed the journey.’ In fact, Technocrats despise government except for how they can use them to manipulate the citizenry to buy into their globalist pipe-dreams.

UN Chief To Reshape Global Finance For Sustainable Sevelopment

Danger: The Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, said that “trillions of dollars need to be mobilized a year by tapping into the savings of citizens around the world…” The financing fix for Sustainable Development is revealed: simply take it from citizens’ saving accounts. Actually, if Sustainable Development is completely established in place of Capitalism/Free Enterprise, private property (including savings) will be wiped out anyway.

Federal Reserve

Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff Drives Technocrat Plan To Kill Cash

Ken Rogoff concludes that after cash has been stripped out of society, negative interest rates can give every saver a proper ‘haircut’ by charging him to keep money in the bank. But, you can’t take it out when cash is gone. Technocrats will rejoice if people walk into this quicksand.


IMF Proposes Central Bank Digital Currencies To Crush Cryptocurrencies

A day of reckoning is approaching for rogue forms of money like digital blockchain currencies, when they run head into the global banking cartel. While the Bitcoins of the world are proving a point, global Technocrats have no intention of releasing their current hold on economic and monetary transformation.

QUESS Satelite

China Is Building A Satellite-Based Global Quantum Communication Network

Launched over a year ago, China’s satellite has now demonstrated quantum key distribution to the ground, potentially giving it control over the global communication network. This technology will undoubtedly dovetail with its ambitions to create a dominating global blockchain currency, because it will be “un-hackable”.

China Ledger

China Embraces Blockchain For Taxation And Electronic Invoice Issuance

China is the purest expression of Technocracy on the planet, so it is little surprise that it is leading in implementing a digital blockchain technology to run its governance operation. Central banks around the world are already studying blockchain technology for ways to gain greater dominance over citizens.