India Creates The Largest Biometric Database In The World

Indians are mandated to link all their financial services to the national ID card, making surveillance ubiquitous with over 1 billion already signed up. India has already been described as a Technocracy, but this will certify it. Surveillance like this, as well a similar program in China, is coming to America soon, and then it will be too late to escape. You should now see why India was the first nation to drive cash out of circulation.

Bitcoin: Evidence Points To The NSA As Its Original Engineer

While some will say that the following article is somewhat speculative (TN included), how speculative is Bitcoin itself as people mortgage their homes to buy it? Regardless, the fact remains that the NSA did write a major paper on cryptocurrency a full 20 year ago, long before Bitcoin was formally released, and this is alarm enough that things are not as they appear.

Criminalization Of Cash: Driving Toward Cashless Society

SB1241, authored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee and is another step toward eradication of cash. Technocrats must remove cash from society in order to force everyone to be part of their socially engineered system.

Cash Is Already Pretty Much Dead In China

The subhead states that “the dominance of mobile transactions lends itself to greater data collection by the Chinese government.” There is little more that needs to be said about Technocracy’s rapid ascent in China.

Android Pay

Tipping Point: The Global Journey From Cash to Cashless

The ‘Cashless Journey’ is a global initiative of Technocrat, globalist bankers, who use governments with statements like: ‘Governments can speed the journey.’ In fact, Technocrats despise government except for how they can use them to manipulate the citizenry to buy into their globalist pipe-dreams.

UN Chief To Reshape Global Finance For Sustainable Sevelopment

Danger: The Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, said that “trillions of dollars need to be mobilized a year by tapping into the savings of citizens around the world…” The financing fix for Sustainable Development is revealed: simply take it from citizens’ saving accounts. Actually, if Sustainable Development is completely established in place of Capitalism/Free Enterprise, private property (including savings) will be wiped out anyway.