Green Economy

The Future Of Green Business Lies In Urbanization, Smart Cities and Sustainability

There is a development race on amongst global corporations to promote urbanization as a way to reap trillions for themselves. Understand that this is not really about ‘sustainability’ or the environment: It is about new forms of economic development that did not exist before, but are now possible. It is about tapping into the public purse directly and without limit.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Global Centre Of Green Economy In UAE’s Vision 2021

Why are Islamic countries so interested in ‘Green Economy’? The book, Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin states that 12% of the Koran’s verses concern care for planet Earth. This, he claims, is why Islam is totally behind Sustainable Development and its UN programs.

India PM Admits Plan To Force ‘Cashless Society”

Technocracy will force the entire world to go cashless in order to force everyone into the system. This is why the UN’s own documents repeatedly say, “No one left behind.” While many central bankers are discussing cashless societies, India is on the forefront of implementing it.