Health Systems

ASU Engineers Developing Edible Medical Devices

If mass surveillance of your external self is troublesome, then micro/mass surveillance of your insides will really creep  you out. Edibles, injectables and implantables are coming soon and will join the so-called Internet of Everything.

Digital Demise Of Health Care: $8.7 Trillion Feeding Frenzy

The full industry report costs $495, but the gist is that physicians and doctors are mere slaves to the technology behemoth that thrives on data, data, more data. Technocracy is the ‘science of social engineering’ and demands data in order to steer the course of society.

Assisted Suicide Rising: Reducing C02 Output One Person At A Time

Draped in the language of faux-mercy, the Technocrat mind values human life only according its current contribution to society. Their efficiency ratio plummets because of the elderly, the poor, the crippled and mentally handicapped. In short, eugenics is back and is far more dangerous to life than past movements.

Baltimore Ravens: Would You Take A DNA Test At An NFL Game?

Have the Ravens and/or the NFL gone over to the ‘dark side of the force’? The company ORIG3N intends to sell your data world-wide. Read this from their Terms and Service agreement on their website: 

“…you hereby waive and agree to waive (or if not waivable, agree not to assert) any rights of privacy or publicity, or any moral rights or other similar rights, with respect to Your Content.  You understand and agree that you will not be paid or entitled to receive any compensation for Your Content, either now or in the future, including without limitation to the extent that Orig3n or other parties use Your Content, receive compensation from third parties for Your Content, or develop and sell products based on Your Content.”

Dental Surgery Robot Fits Implants Without Human Touch

Medical robots driven by data and AI are coming for doctors, surgeons and dentists. One day, such procedures will be totally automated and overseen only by lower-skilled technicians. Displaced doctors will not be pleased with the Universal Basic Income that they are likely to receive.