Smart Cities

Nvidia Partners With Alibaba and Huawei To Build Smart City Platform

The venerable graphics giant Nvidia is leading the smart city revolution and has teamed up with the China Technocracy to expand their technology platform. What happens in China will not stay in China, since developed technology will return to its origin, namely, the United States. Already, China is the most surveilled nation on earth.

Cities Are Gaining Power And Influence In Global Politics

As predicted by Dr. Parag Khanna in Connectography, global cities are slated to eclipse the nation-state in controlling the world’s economy and societal structure. The UN is pushing this agenda with the New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda initiatives.

Flashback: Are Christian Churches Helping To Build Global Cities?

The major global mantra of building global cities (aka Smart Cities) is fanned by so-called Christian churches who are more interested in establishing cities than their own congregations. Pastors of mega-churches have traded their calling to shepherd individuals in favor of  become community organizers to ‘save’ their cities. 

Smart City Technology Market Will Reach $775 Billion By 2021

The rise of global cities, all of which will be Smart Cities, will be driven by Technocracy and its need for a Total Awareness Society. The juggernaut of Sustainable Development (aka Technocracy) is on fire thanks to the love for money, and there are trillions to be had.

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