Logan, Technocracy, And The Abolition Of Man

A penetrating philosophical look at the dangers of Technocracy in its final expression on planet earth. It’s coming, it may be unstoppable, and its logical end is, as C.S. Lewis wrote, the ‘Abolition of Man”.

Face-Scanners In Public Toilet To Prevent Theft Of Toilet Paper

This writer has reiterated many times that China is a Technocracy. This story gives you the future of Scientific Dictatorship in clear terms. Folks, this is where Technocracy is headed unless is it stopped cold in its tracks very soon. If not, we will be living under the continuous microscope of Big Brother, being herded like so many head of cattle in a feed lot

Technocracy, Inc.

HuffPo Speaks: Hostility To Technocracy Will Ruin Democracy

After the release of Parag Khanna’s book, Technocracy in America, we predicted that there would be calls for Technocracy, and here it starts. Technocracy is much more than just ‘rule by experts’ and it will result in Scientific Dictatorship is left unchecked.