FBI Director: The Whole Of Chinese Society Is A Threat To The US

China is completely intentional about everything it does to gain foreign influence, and its whole national apparatus is focused solely on gaining foreign influence. Espionage, hacking, Confucius Institutes, trade (companies like Huawei), etc. To a Technocrat mind, efficiency and persistence are supreme and every action has a purpose.

Pew Research: Millennials Increasingly Turning To Technocracy As Alternative To Democracy

The Pew Research study is shocking: 46% of millennials are more likely to prefer Technocracy over other forms of government. Where did they get these values when many barely even know how to spell or pronounce the word? Or was the question preconceived to solicit a Technocracy response? If so, then this is propaganda to set up acceptance of Technocracy as it grows in influence.

Jon Rappoport: Technocracy vs. The Creative Forse

Few veteran journalists grasp Technocracy better than Jon Rappoport, who is also able to paint a poignant picture in so few words. It is worth reading this entire article to get another person’s view of the dangers of Technocracy.

The Future Of Work: Technocracy And The March Of The Machines

This report gives an interesting overview of technology invading the workforce over the last 100 years, but leaves Technocracy itself in the dustbin of history. TN believes that Technocracy is alive and well under the name of Sustainable Development promoted by the United Nations. The U.N. is sworn to overthrow Capitalism and Free Enterprise, replacing it with Sustainable Development.

FP Magazine: Populism And Technocracy Are Mutually Reinforcing Each Other

The EU was designed as a Technocracy to govern outside the political realm as a ‘protected sphere of policymaking’, ‘free from direct democratic pressures. Four current and former Trilateral Commission members are prominent in this article: Samuel Huntington, Fareed Zakaria, Mario Monte and Lucas Papademos. This is a very thoughtful article and is worthy of careful consideration.

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