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Khanna: ‘Technocracy Is Not A Liberal Phenomenon’

Khanna calls for “direct Technocracy” in America. When he states that “technocracy is not a liberal phenomenon”, he is wrong. The original root of Technocracy has always been progressivism and is anti-liberty to the core. One original definition of Technocracy states that it is “the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population…”

failed democracy

Global Pressure: US Downgraded To A ‘Flawed Democracy’

As I predicted in Goodbye Democracy, Hello Technocracy, the calls for the demise of democracy are increasing, paving the way for ‘rule by experts.’ Technocrats have total disdain for the Constitution, political representation and politicians, and thus do not even acknowledge its existence, calling us a Democracy instead.

united nations

The Renewed Drive To Exit The United Nations

The United Nations is the primary driver of Technocracy on a global basis, through Sustainable Development, Green Economy and Natural Capitalism. It is also notable that Rockefeller family interests have used the UN for their dream of domination over humanity.

Singapore at dusk

Khanna: Asia Turns To Technocrats For Answers

China was largely converted to a Technocracy by 2000, and Singapore is considered the ‘smartest’ and connected city in the world. Khanna points out that the world, sans America, is racing toward technocratic governance.