Is Trilateral Stanley Fischer’s Fed Retirement Really The Twilight Of Technocracy?

The Economist declares that Trilateral Commission member Stanley Fischer is a Technocrat and that ‘Technocracy is in retreat’ after his retirement as vice-chairman of the Fed. In that The Economist (UK) has long been a mouthpiece for globalization and the Trilateral Commission in particular, their article is designed to be mentally disruptive and misleading on the progress of Technocracy. Truly, Fischer is the consummate Technocrat, but his presence on the world stage only proves that Technocracy is the goal of members of the Trilateral Commission. Are they all of a sudden impotent little puppies? No, they are closer to their endgame of total domination than ever before.

Tucker Carlson: Globalists Want “Worldwide Rule By Unaccountable Technocrats”

Carlson Tucker hit a nerve on national TV when he stated that the DACA hysteria is more about “worldwide rule by unaccountable technocrats.” Indeed, globalist goal the of Technocracy includes breaking down borders, culture and common language. Meanwhile, where did Tucker pick up the idea of Technocracy? Perhaps Technocracy.News and my book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation are having an impact on the national dialogue. 

The Humiliation And Crushing Despair Of Living In China’s Technocracy

The Technocrat mind devised China’s one-child policy in 1980 with zero consideration of the obvious human consequences that would result from it in subsequent decades. It was an inhuman demand to deny procreation, and now many of the older generation are in total human despair. Do the Technocrats care any more about them today? Apparently not. Technocracy is the ‘science of social engineering’ where the ‘science is settled’ and ‘deniers must be punished.’ Can you see how it was applied in China?

Intolerance At Google Exposes A Massive Culture of Technocrats

Technocrats at Google have finally exposed themselves as the cultural frauds that they are. Tolerance is un-tolerance. Diversity is un-diversity. You believe their way, or it’s the highway for you. Conservative values and opinions will get you fired. Incidentally, last year Google quietly dropped its original motto, “Don’t be evil”.