Total Surveillance Society

China Using AI To Catch Evildoers Before They Commit Crime

China will be the first super-power to implement total surveillance on all of their 1.4 billion citizens, which is a necessary goal in order to perfect their Technocracy. To a Technocrat, actual proof of committing a crime is not necessary for you to deserve punishment. History is riddled with genocidal behavior based on baseless suspicions, physical and mental characteristics and behavior patterns. As China perfects this technology, it will spread to the rest of the world like wildfire.

DHS To Start Mandatory Biometric ID At Airports For Foreign Travel

Creeping incrementalism, indeed! Biometric ID will be standard everywhere in the United States within 5 years, with the Feds providing data access to a range of private companies. There will be cameras everywhere, including body cams worn by police, that will identify you in real time, wherever you go. Technocrats everywhere are salivating at the prospect… 

CIA Gone Rogue: The Surveillance State Examined, Validated, Exposed

Repeated surveillance abuse by the CIA, violates the law and the Constitution. In spite of repeated slap-downs by Congress and Federal Courts, the CIA (and their counterparts) has belligerently increased surveillance instead of obeying the law. In short, the Intel community in the U.S. has gone rogue. It is uncontrollable, has a mind and agenda of its own, and has no intent of changing. This is a must-read story.