Total Surveillance Society

China’s CCTV Surveillance Network Took Just 7 Minutes To ‘Capture’ BBC Reporter

In a race against time and the CCTV cameras, it took Chinese police only 7 minutes to physically apprehend a BBC reporter in a city of millions. One executive says, “We can match every face with an ID card and trace all your movements back one week in time. We can match your face with your car, match you with your relatives and the people you’re in touch with. With enough cameras, we can know who you frequently meet.”

India Creates The Largest Biometric Database In The World

Indians are mandated to link all their financial services to the national ID card, making surveillance ubiquitous with over 1 billion already signed up. India has already been described as a Technocracy, but this will certify it. Surveillance like this, as well a similar program in China, is coming to America soon, and then it will be too late to escape. You should now see why India was the first nation to drive cash out of circulation.

Supreme Court: Should Police Need A Warrant To Track Your Cell Phone?

The Supreme Court will soon determine if a search warrant is required to access your cell phone tracking data held and owned by your cell service provider. It is a hot debate and critically important to the future of surveillance in the U.S. Technocrats want to track everything, everywhere, without legal constraints, and claim that for anything that leaves your phone, you have no expectation of privacy. This is bunk, and we can hope that the Supreme Court will uphold privacy laws in the digital age.