Iran’s President Rouhani Pushes Importance of Energy for Sustainable Development

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TN Note: Iran is sold out to Sustainable Development because Islam is a green religion at its core. This is hard to fathom in the face of sensationalistic Islamist terrorist attacks, but when you look closely, you will find about 12% of the Koran addresses environmental issues and “proper” care for the earth.

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani stressed the need to pay due attention energy within the framework of sustainable development.

He made the remarks during his inaugural address at the third Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) here.

The full text of his message reads:

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Ladies and Gentlemen,
At the outset and as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and on behalf of the people of Iran I would like to bid welcome to you excellencies, the Heads of States and Governments, ministers, the honorable Secretary General and other distinguished delegations the Third GECF gas summit in Tehran. There is no doubt that GECF is one of the most important events pertaining to energy and especially the gas industry. This Summit aims to find ways to support the collective interests of the member states and to develop cooperation between countries on various areas such as exploration, production and commerce in natural gas and to coordinate policies in line with raising the share of natural gas in global energy consumption and promote the stranding of GECF internationally. I hope that this summit will be able to provide us with an opportunity to confer with each other on the goals and views of the GECF.

Despite the importance and the necessity of using fossil energies, certain social harms have become visible and negative impacts have been left on the environment because such energies have been exploited in an unsustainable way. This has led the world to a dangerous situation where it has to choose between using energy for economic development or to preserve the environment. Therefore energy needs to be paid attention to within the framework of sustainable development.

That is why we have proposed that this summit send a message to the Cop21 conference which is scheduled to be held next week in Paris and aims to achieve an international agreement on issues and policies related to climate change. In the aforesaid message the gas exporting countries may announce their readiness to coordinate their policies with those emanating from international accords on environment. Moreover, fortunately and as the result of the recent UN Sustainable Development Summit which was held in New York and led to the adoption of the 17 goals related to sustainable development and a development agenda for 2030, energy, too, was noted as one of the challenges faced by the international community.

In order to respond to the two challenges of climate change and the security of access to the primary energy resources, many advanced communities that consume energy, have decided to make use of renewable energies. However, according to valid energy forecasts, renewable energies will have only a limited share in meeting the energy needs of the world for the foreseeable future and we are still a long way from leaving behind the fossil energies and turning to renewable ones. Therefore, the question is: what should we do to have cleaner and more cost-effective energies in these times of transition?

I believe that an important part of the solution to this problem is at hand. This is something that grants the GECF and the this summit a global significance. Natural gas as a clean source of energy with rich harvestable sources for the future decades now has a considerable share in the world energy consumption. The economic, technical, and environmental advantages of the natural gas compared to other fossil energies have made it a very important source of energy. It is expected that the consumption of natural gas will see a significant rise in upcoming decades.

All countries specially the developing ones are of the belief that natural gas may serve as a desirable bridge to help us move from the traditional use of fossil energies towards the era of more efficient use of renewable energies. Furthermore, the increase in natural gas transactions has resulted in more solidarity amongst communities and helped stability, security and integration in the international relations between countries.

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