Is Decriminalization Of All Drugs Part of Sustainable Development?

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TN Note: The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has not released the report yet, but Richard Branson claims that he has seen the report and hopes that his public recognition of it will keep the UN on track to publish it soon. Such a move might give Sustainable Development and extra shot in the arm.

The UN may be about to call on the governments of all countries to end the “war on drugs” and decriminilize the use and possession of all illegal substances.

In an extraordinary post on his Virgin website,┬áRichard Branson said he had been showed a report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) which dramatically changed the organization’s stance on drug control.

He said the “as-yet unreleased statement” had been sent to some of the world’s media under embargo, but the businessman has gone public with it early for fear the UN will “bow to pressure by not going ahead with this important move”.

The UN was preparing to declare “unequivocally that criminalization is harmful unnecessary and disproportionate”, Branson wrote. A document changing the UN stance on drug control was supposed to be released at a conference in Malaysia on Sunday, he said, but that has now been delayed.

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Tom Collins

Decriminalising drugs is the slippery slope to the creation of zombie children. If pupils at school and university students are “smashed” when learning, they’ll learn nothing. This is intentional and we know by whom!