Law Enforcement Card Readers Can Seize Money Electronically

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TN Note: Territory formerly operated by thieves,  muggers and hackers now has competition from law enforcement. Plus, if law enforcement can get their hands on devices like this, so can criminals. The Technocrat mindset that creates this kind of technology has full contempt for the Constitution and traditional rule of law. 

A new tool coming to the Oklahoma Department Of Public Safety will let troopers scan credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards and freeze them.

DPS says the new car readers will help in credit card fraud cases or identity theft, but also help with civil assets forfeiture.

That’s what has drawn some concern. Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, said the readers can make it too easy to cross the line.

“They think that they have reasonable doubt, they’re going to check your bank account and then they’re going to drain the bank account because these card scanners are very scary,” Loveless said. “There’s a reason the federal government limits where they go to.”

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The rights of we the people are continually assulted from every direction possible. Do not sit by and think that this will not happen to you. Due process and constitutional the checks and balances are being undermined by all branches of government, technocrats, NGO’S and corporations. Act now to stop this behavior or it will be too late.


In some ways, the reader is probably going to be very good and very liked but not so much in other ways. Pros and cons to every technological thing. Robots are beginning to replace people in every way imaginable so the police officers should start thinking about what they are going to do when they are replaced and do not have jobs anymore.

here is another place for the video which is now a broken link in the article.