Life By AI: The Reanimation Of Novelist 100 Years After His Death

TN Note: ‘Reanimation’ is one of the great hopes of transhumanists to somehow presume that Artificial Intelligence is tantamount to life itself. Ray Kurzweil, chief technologist at Google and Transhuman pioneer, believes that he will one day reanimate his dead father. Reality aside,  there will be a day when you will see someone ‘speaking’ on TV but who has long since passed. 

Japan’s most famous novelist is set to return to his alma mater and teach -100 years after his death.

Soseki Natsume is being recreated as an android by Nishogakusha University Graduate School, and will be programmed to read material out loud and give lectures.

Created in a sitting posture, the robot will be 130 centimeters high and built using 3D scans of a death mask and vintage photos.

Nastume, who is famous for Kokoro and I Am a Cat, attended the university in 1881 where he studied Chinese poetry and Confucianism.

To celebrate the institutes 140th anniversary, a team of students is making a ‘Soseki Android’.

The group plans to explore Nastume’s life and gather information regarding his physical appearance and size for a closely accurate robot.

They have been given access to a large collection of photos and works by the major newspaper Asahi Shumbun – a former employer of Nastume, reportsRocketNews24.

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University, who is well known in the field of androids, is in charge of supervising the project.

During a press conference held in Tokyo, Ishiguro said, ‘I will integrate various things we know about Soseki into the android and will try to reproduce his personality as closely as possible.’

The robot’s voice will be created after analysing the voice of his grandson, Prof. Fusanosuke Natsume of Gakushuin University.

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