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Current Health Summit

What does Big Data in the Exam Room mean to you?

If you have been to a doctor’s office in the last few years, you already know how the entire healthcare system is being transformed into a cattle car of outcome-based treatments.

In other words, Big Data and its Technocrat operators are taking over to tell you what treatments and medicines you need. Today, with each visit to your doctor’s office, more data is being collected on you: Did you take the recommended tests? Did you refuse certain treatments? Do you ever get depressed? Do you have a gun at home?

Like it or not, the only way to avoid potential health disasters is to take responsibility for your own health by learning as much as you possibly can in order to stay healthy in spite of bad advice.

At the same time, Google and other Big Tech players have launched an all-out attack on alternative medicine. Dr. Joseph Mercola, for instance, lost 90% of his sites traffic because Google de-ranked him. He had one of the largest alternative medical websites on the Internet. 

For this reason, Technocracy News & Trends will continue to present alternative health education events that will help you escape the tentacles of Technocratic control. There are myriads of things that every person can do to maximize a healthy future and at least spot unwarranted or even dangerous recommendations from your own local healthcare provider. 

Much of the content of these Health Summits is free, but if you decide to purchase DVDs, books, newsletters or online-access to archives, Technocracy News & Trends will receive a small compensation; thus, you will also be helping to support our work.

Why would you want a permanent copy of some of this material? Well, it’s permanent and in your possession. Unfortunately, the future of the Internet is not so certain.

Important Caveat

The inclusion of Summit material and links here is in no way an endorsement of 100% of the material presented. You will have to do your own research to determine what is best and/or relevant for you!

Lupus and Autoimmunity Summit

Many people suffer some type of autoimmune issue, even if they don’t have Lupus. This Summit will educate you on the ins and outs of your immune system and what you can do to rebuild it to peak efficiency.

Free and Online from October 21-27. Click the banner to signup now to get started.

5G Crisis Summit

This is a summit that I was invited to be a keynote speaker on Technocracy and its relationship to 5G, and we received many positive comments from viewers. 

The free viewing of this Summit is currently closed, but online and download access is still available. I recommend that you download those videos that are of particular interest to you. There are also free bonus items when you purchase.