Oh Canada: No Vaccine? You’re Grounded!

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The iron teeth of Technocracy are razor sharp and fully barred in Canada and beyond as extortion is revealed based on taking away basic privileges if citizens refuse to be vaccinated for COVID-19. No vaccine? You’re grounded and must continue to wear a mask. ⁃ TN Editor

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer says that those who refuse to take the COVID vaccine won’t have “freedom to move around” and will have to continue to wear masks.

Dr. David Williams was asked if he “would make some sort of mandatory vaccination recommendation.”

Williams acknowledged that “we can’t force someone to take a vaccine,” but when on to explain how people who didn’t take it would have their freedom of mobility severely restricted.

“What we can do is to say sometimes for access or ease of getting into certain settings, if you don’t have vaccination then you’re not allowed into that setting without other protection materials,” said Williams.

“What may be mandatory is proof of…vaccination in order to have latitude and freedom to move around…without wearing other types of personal protective equipment,” he added.

Williams also suggested that people would be prevented from entering certain settings without having been vaccinated if there was a “risk.”

As we previously highlighted, governments do not have to make the vaccine mandatory, they can simply make life unlivable for people who refuse to take the vaccine.

If bars, restaurants, cinemas, sports venues, airlines, employers and others all make the vaccination a mandatory condition of service, anyone who refuses to take it will be reduced to a personal form of de facto lockdown with their social lives and mobility completely stunted.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Nothing like a test run, before the 7 year Tribulation starts, or the “beginning of the end”, or just “hell on earth”
One day everyone will have to take satan’s mark, or else you don’t buy (grocery foods) or sell
And just like this demand to be vaccinated for this covid, I will fight it, like I’ll fight the “mark” when it comes (3 1/2 year of the 7)

just sayin

I don’t plan on being here for the mark. Jesus will take his bride home first. Since when does a groom prepare a home for his bride and then beat her up first. Seriously!


We all wondered how Rev 13 would come to pass, and this appears to be it.


Prime Minister of Canada states:- “The government will try to get all Canadians on universal basic income by mid-2021. Huge supply chain breakdowns and economic instability will be carried out before that to force Canadians to accept basic income. The Canadian military will be deployed in all cities to set up checkpoints and restrict movement by the second half of 2021. Then, once Canadians are miserable and impoverished, they will be offered “total debt forgiveness.” In exchange, they will have to take the Covid (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) vaccination. Those who accept will be given a photo identification to be called “Canada’s Health… Read more »


These psychopaths are complicit in the act of GENOCIDE… which carries the death penalty.

Last edited 10 months ago by bjo

I think governments the world over will eventually force people into concentration camps who refuse their killer vaccines. I can’t see them leaving people alone. It won’t be enough for them to make people destitute. They probably won’t leave people alone if they moved to the woods. Technocrats and bureaucrats will surely reap the wickedness they have sown.