The Tyranny Of Technocracy And The Religion of Masking

The Tyranny Of Technocracy And The Religion of Masking

Technocracy claims that it is the “Science of Social Engineering”. Technocrats turned to religious practices where face masks were common, then they weaponized the practice across all religions. This served to suppress free speech (i.e., don’t talk about technocrats) and to force submissive behavior on those who were too gullible to go along with it. This was a brilliant strategy, if patently evil. When you see this, you will never fall for it again. Free people do not wear masks!

In The Global Race To Regulate AI, No One Is Quite Sure How

In a never ending exercise in futility, regulators/lawmakers are quickly coming to the conclusion AI can’t be corralled. AI runs circles around rules or laws, and genie is already out of the bottle. AI is running at warp speed while humans are running at skate board speed. Alas, there will be wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

Creating God? AI May Be Last Invention Of Mankind

One candid AI engineer: “We’re creating God.” As these Technocrats barrel toward their goal of AGI, their public persona is disingenuous as they warn of dangers and the need to slow development. As superintelligence emerges it will be accepted as god, display powers like God and take control over mankind.

Economic Suicide: Germany Passes Green Heating Law Mandating 65% Renewable Energy

This is the face of Technocracy. In an earlier law, Germany mandated that homes replace gas/coal/oil heating systems with electric. Now they are demanding the new systems use 65% alternative energy from windmills and solar panels. These “greens” are crushing their country. Crushing. And now John Kerry, Joe Biden and the Green New Deal crowd are ready to cram it down our throats in America. 

Court Finds Arizona’s Signature Matching Process Unlawful in ‘Massive Win’ for Election Integrity

Don’t bother to search for this article on Google. When Kari Lake contested the 2022 election results against Katie Hobbs, she was excoriated over claims that mail-in ballots were handled illegally. Now an Arizona judge has ruled that the “statute is clear and unambiguous”. While Lake’s legal fight continues, this is the crack in the dyke of election fraud.

Humanoid Robots Are Coming For Warehouse Jobs

Many warehouses are already using robots, but the introduction of humanoid robots is a first. However, other industries are targeted such as manufacturing, elder care and health care, food production and agriculture. Production expected to start in late 2024.

Report: 90% Of Online Content May Be AI-Generated Garbage by 2026

When legitimate journalists use AI to polish an article they wrote, that’s far a cry from the wholesale creation of text by AI. As AI re-writes other AI stories, an endless loop will appear. The ability to discern what is real vs. fake will disappear, further causing the collapse of reality.