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Green Monkey DNA Found In COVID-19 Shots

The wheels are coming off of Big Pharma’s massive fraud perpetrated on humanity. As real scientific studies take place, and they take time, it is found that the mRNA shots contained large amounts of DNA and from multiple sources, that are able to permanently change your DNA. Once changed, they cannot be changed back. The potential result is life-long chronic illness or death.

Is Google’s AI Manipulating Your Brain?

Google is a core powerbase of this global cabal, often referred to as the Deep State — a hidden power structure based on wealth and financial influence behind (and above) the individual governments of the world — because the cabal’s control powers hinge on electronic surveillance and social engineering.” [Mercola] 

Unvaccinated Or Partially Vaccinated? The Feds Are Specifically Tracking You, Too!

If you thought that only the “vaccinated” are being tracked for things like a “vaccine passport”, you are sadly mistaken. Medical Technocrats slipped in medical record codes for those who skipped the mRNA shot or were only partially “vaccinated”. All medical personnel are required to ask you (under penalty) for your vaxx status, and will dutifully enter it into your medical record.

Transhumanism, Eugenics And Faking The Singularity

In the Transhumanist mind, the only way for Transhumanism to succeed is to take over the entire health care delivery system in order to practice their twisted practice of modern eugenics. For anyone who thought that Nazi Germany was an isolated and localized incidence of eugenics, it is now global, pervasive and insidious. America and the world must forcefully reject this entire ideology and its practitioners.

Boom: Trilateral Commissioner Jeffrey Epstein’s Global Empire Of Corruption Revealed

Investigative writer Whitney Webb drills down into the dark global network of Jeffrey Epstein to expose how global elitists attempt to run the world. As a member of the Trilateral Commission, Epstein undoubtedly served his own interests but he became the go-to dungeon master of sexual blackmail that kept global leaders and operators in line. No, the infamous “black book” will likely never be released.

Beyond Censorship: Destroying Dissenters Through Cyberwarfare

When a military grade cyberwarfare attack is leveled at globalist narrative dissenters, it is comparable to a Predator  drone striking out of nowhere. The result can be not only devastating but existential. Technocrats are quietly training the big guns of cyberwarfare on citizens to dare to question globalist policies, objectives and players. Answer: speak up, speak out.

Study: 100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients Have Heart Implications

Shocking new study reveals that some level of heart injury, minor as it may be, is occurring in all jab recipients. The long-term effects are unknown but there will be effects. The more mRNA shots you take, the greater the cumulative risk that an actual health event will take place. There are also effects on other internal organs as well as the immune system.

COVID Dictators Nervous Over Retaliation, Plead For Amnesty

The establishment journal, The Atlantic, outrageously pleads for amnesty over what many have labeled “Crimes Against Humanity”. The COVID hoaxers are obviously running scared and fearing retaliation; this means they know they are guilty as sin and are trying to escape punishment. There will be no amnesty but there will be trials and full accountability.