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COVID Dictators Nervous Over Retaliation, Plead For Amnesty

The establishment journal, The Atlantic, outrageously pleads for amnesty over what many have labeled “Crimes Against Humanity”. The COVID hoaxers are obviously running scared and fearing retaliation; this means they know they are guilty as sin and are trying to escape punishment. There will be no amnesty but there will be trials and full accountability.

The Control Network: Laundering Money With Total Immunity

Over the years, I have written several papers on global banking, central banks and in particular, about the Bank for International Settlements. Corey Lynn, sponsored by the Solari Report (Catherine Austin Fitts) digs deep into the central bank/monetary world to reveal the largest money laundering machine of all time. To call this monster a giant vampire squid is an understatement. 

Big Pharma Is Putting All Of Humanity At Risk Of Demographic Collapse

Stillbirths, vaginal hemorrhaging, miscarriages, preeclampsia, premature births, inability to conceive, reduced sperm count in men, etc., are reaching an existential tipping point and yet, Big Pharma, government and media continue to promote mRNA injections for pregnant women. With the refusal to stop this program, it is revealing itself as a major bioweapon attack on humanity.

Humans as Bioreactors: How DARPA pioneered the idea behind mRNA vaccines

DARPA is the Technocrat/Transhumanist dark arm of the military/biodefense industry. mRNA “vaccines” were initially considered for military use against biowarfare, but Moderna was used to test the concept on the entire global population. The results have been disastrous but leaders refuse to stop the injections. The cozy relationship between DARPA and Moderna needs to be blown wide open.