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Saddened by San Francisco

One of today’s stories particularly disturbs me: San Francisco In Public-Private Tryst With WEF And Denmark To Accelerate The Great Reset, aka Technocracy I was born in San Francisco. It was my family’s primary services center during my childhood, and we visited for shopping, doctors, lawyers, etc. In the 1950s,..Read More

Technocracy Vs. The Republic: The Fight For Our Future

Because the pandemic is being used to destroy constitutional rights and especially the First Amendment, the very mechanism of citizen resistance is disappearing. If you cannot communicate, you cannot resist. Taking over all public media and stomping free speech has always been the first order of business in previous revolutions.

Covidean Creed: The Gospel According To Technocracy

Irreverent and cynical as it is, this parody points out that others recognize the religious nature of Technocracy that is based on Scientism, that is, that all truth about man, nature and the universe is discovered solely through science. All other traditional sources of truth such as the Bible, philosophy and logic are completely rejected.