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Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared

Club of Rome was originally founded at a meeting in David Rockefeller’s house in Bellagio, Italy, and promoted alarmism over population growth. Its 1973 book, Limits to Growth, coincided with the creation of the Trilateral Commission, also by Rockefeller. They are still at it.

The Siamese Twins Of Technocracy And Transhumanism

Technocracy and Transhumanism have always been joined at the hip. Technocracy uses its “science of social engineering” to merge technology and society. Transhumanism uses its field of NBIC to merge technology directly into humans. To put it another way, Technocracy is to society what Transhumanism is to the humans that live in it. 

Tick, Tick, Tick: The Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami

Since Technocrats demonstrably have it in for Capitalism and Free Market Economics, is it conceivable that they would intentionally pull the tripwire on the gargantuan derivative market? The size of this obscure market is well over 1 quadrillion dollars and is built like a house of cards. Warren Buffet calls it “weapons of mass destruction.”

Ubiquitous AI Cameras To Surveil Travelers’ Every Move, Mood, Behavior

Cameras take images but AI interprets them for every conceivable characteristic: identity, mood, intention, compliance, direction of travel, handicaps, etc. This shows the Technocrat lust for data in order to practice Technocracy’s so-called “science of social engineering”. Manipulating human behavior is more achievable today than ever before in history.

Will You? The Brain-Computer Interface Is Already Here

Beware the dangers of transhumanism and the merging of human flesh and technology. Don’t expect transhumanism to be aligned with any political ideology, whether left or right. It is apolitical and very closely aligned with Technocracy. BCI is only one aspect; genetic engineering is another.

Boom: Trilateral Commissioner Jeffrey Epstein’s Global Empire Of Corruption Revealed

Investigative writer Whitney Webb drills down into the dark global network of Jeffrey Epstein to expose how global elitists attempt to run the world. As a member of the Trilateral Commission, Epstein undoubtedly served his own interests but he became the go-to dungeon master of sexual blackmail that kept global leaders and operators in line. No, the infamous “black book” will likely never be released.

The Control Network: Laundering Money With Total Immunity

Over the years, I have written several papers on global banking, central banks and in particular, about the Bank for International Settlements. Corey Lynn, sponsored by the Solari Report (Catherine Austin Fitts) digs deep into the central bank/monetary world to reveal the largest money laundering machine of all time. To call this monster a giant vampire squid is an understatement.