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The Mideast Is In Chaos

President Biden’s Administration has destroyed peace and the balance of power in the Mideast. So, who is reporting on it?  Not many. Radical Islamic terrorist groups everywhere are rejoicing that America, the ‘great satan’ has finally been swept into defeat, and that by a rag-tag force of only 75,000 militants…Read More

Greenwald Warns: A New Domestic War On Terror Is Coming

The focus on the 9/11 war on terror was radical Islamic militants. The 1/6 war on terror pivots internally to declare conservative Americans as domestic terrorists. Will the current Administration refocus the Intelligence and military communities against American citizens? There are already a chorus of calls to do just that.

History Warned Us About Technocracy’s Coming Tyranny

Technocracy is a war against humanity and has always been seen that way by critics such as C.S. Lewis. Like him or not, Lewis fully described the future as early as 1947. Technocracy was the most dangerous meme of the 20th century and it has advanced into a clear and present danger today.