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China Leapfrogs The U.S. In 5G Internet

Several experts have stated that whoever gets the jump on 5G will control the world. The U.S. has no counterpart to the giant 5g tech manufacturer, Huawei, which is currently the leader of 5G hardware and software. China’s dominance will spread Technocracy to the rest of the world.

Hackers Now Deploying AI To Break The Best Computer Defenses

Technocracy promises Scientific Dictatorship in the end. If IBM now admits that their engineers can do it, you can be certain that U.S. Intelligence agencies have been doing it for some time. Targeted hacking is potentially the most malicious and destructive type of surveillance in history. In the hands of rogue intel, all details are laid bare before them.

Xi Jinping: China Must Lead Way For Global Governance

Technocracy in China is going to be exported to the entire world in the form of ‘governance’. This is the science of social engineering, and it has already blanketed China with ubiquitous surveillance and manipulation through social credit scoring. Technocrat and global scholar Parag Khanna predicted, ”We are building this global society without a global leader. Global order is no longer some-thing that can be dictated or controlled from the top down. Globalization is itself the order.”

Flashback 2007: Global Banks Adopting Islam

Either global bankers are seducing Islamic dictators, or vice versa. Even if they are seducing each other at the same time, the result will be the same: Islamic/Shari’a banking is coming to the United States and other western nations