Robots Will Soon Control The Weather

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TN Note: Technocrats take on projects just because there are projects. Any ethical considerations are not in view. Controlling the weather is a major initiative within the Technocracy crowd, and drones will undoubtedly play a part in the future. 

Engineers and meteorologists from Nevada have joined forces to create the first autonomous cloud seeding platform – using drones to control the weather.

Cloud seeding is a technique where small particles are dropped into a cloud from an aircraft or rocket to alter the microphysical processes going on inside and make it rain (or snow).

Research on the subject has been ongoing for more than a century, but it’s still not clear how well it actually works in reality – a cloud might produce rain after being seeded, but it’s hard to know if that cloud would have just produced rain anyway.

Despite the lack of evidence of its effectiveness, the promise of weather control has lead to a lot of cash being pumped into various cloud seeding schemes. The most famous attempt was probably in 2008 during the Summer Olympics, when China attempted to use cloud seeding to ensure that clouds dropped their rain before passing over the opening and closing ceremonies.

Now, drone engineers and scientists from the Desert Research Institute, Drone America, and AviSight have joined forces to build a UAV that can carry cloud-seeding equipment. They used a DAx8 drone, which can carry heavier payloads thanks to its eight rotors, and successfully completed flare tests in late January 2016.

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I think this “report” is 100% propaganda and deception. I hope people are aware of the MASSIVE ongoing weather control operations taking place all over the world. These programs are far beyond “cloud seeding.” Millions of tons of aerosol nano-particulates are being sprayed by dedicated spray-planes. These particulates are all toxic in themselves, but together they are synergistically more dangerous by several orders of magnitude. They are processed into nano-particles so that they can hang in the air as long as possible. Their minute size allows them to be instantly absorbed through the lungs and in the nasal passages where… Read more »

leonard andolino
leonard andolino

Me thinks the current chemtrail program is not as effective as the white lab coat criminals had hoped (whatever their destructive intentions are). Enter drones which will no doubt support their environmental crimes against humanity.