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How Big Banks Will Force Americans Into The Great Reset

The global banks will be the principal fulcrum to lever the world into the Great Reset, which is Technocracy, a resource-based economic system where oligarchs own everything and citizens own nothing. The pandemic was merely a rehash of Greta Thunberg stamping her feet to get people to panic over climate change

Biden’s Race To The Bottom With The Great Reset

This article does not acknowledge Technocracy but it does identify Global Totalitarianism that is being eagerly embraced by the Biden Administration. A top-to-bottom rework of American society will allow Technocracy to grow deep roots into the foundations of our nation.

How To Stop The World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’

The “collectivist tyrants” pushing the Great Reset should be understood as Technocrats pushing Technocracy. The Populist movement is the only natural enemy of Technocracy, but this movement has largely abandoned personal responsibility as the solution while looking to figureheads instead.