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Flashback: How And Why The CIA Made Google

This masterful white paper documents the events and people surrounding the founding of Google. It should be read and understood by every American because it represents the greatest social engineering program of all time. Google was not accidental, nor was it simply fulfilling the needs of a new marketplace.CIA

Pentagon Looks To Replace Human Hackers With AI

The Industrial/Military Complex is saturated with Technocrats who have algorithmic solutions for everything, including warfare. WWIII will be fought with AI-driven asymmetric tactics at the speed of light and far beyond human ability to understand what it is doing.

Of Technocrats And Tyrants: Back Off!

Technocrats and tyrants typically go hand in hand and tend to surface at the same time during chaotic periods like the COVID-19 pandemic. Tyrants are being identified in droves across America amongst civic leaders such as mayors, police, health officials, governors, etc.

Whitehead: COVID-19 And The (Final) War On Cash

Technocracy calls for tracking all consumption and behavior with “no one left behind.” The only way to accomplish this is by removing cash from the economic system and forcing everyone into a digital system designed to collect and centralize all financial data.