Susan Rice Says Climate Change To Blame For Syria

TN Note: Susan Rice is the National Security Advisor  (NSA) to the President, and is a member of the elite Trilateral Commission. In recent days, members of the Trilateral Commission have been popping up all over the world making fear-mongering statements about climate change. This is all designed to stampede people and governments into adopting Agenda21/2030 Agenda goals for Sustainable Development. Rice’s statement here is simply beyond the pale.

In her most dramatic speech to date about climate change, National Security Advisor Susan Rice suggests climate change was partially responsible for the conflict in Syria and represents a looming threat to the entire world.

“In the years prior to civil war breaking out in Syria, that country also experienced its worst drought on record,” she said during a political speech at Stanford University. “Farming families moved en masse into urban centers, increasing political unrest and further priming the country for conflict.”

An alarmed Rice warned that climate change was “an advancing menace” that portended doom for the nations around the world.

“Today, we face no greater long-term challenge than climate change, an advancing menace that imperils so many of the other things we hope to achieve,” she said according to advance text of her speech.

Rice echoed many themes promulgated by the Obama administration but ratcheted up the alarmist rhetoric to a fever pitch.

“Consider the impacts—to the global economy and to our shared security—when rising seas begin to swallow nations whole,” she explained while discussing rising sea levels of “as much as 20 feet.”

She also suggested that the the recent floods in North and South Carolina and massive forest fires were partially a result of climate change.

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