The Future Of Pizza May Lie In Robots

Pizza Robot

The four largest pizza chains in America employ 950,000, which is only a fraction of the entire industry. Robots will devastate this labor market within 5 years.  TN Editor

In this emerging age of drone deliveries, anddriverless cars, technology now brings us — robo-pizza.

Silicon Valley is at the forefront of reinventing the pie. The kitchen at Zume Pizza is where technology and culinary arts collide.

Humans and robots work side-by-side at Zume Pizza in Mountain View, California.

Veteran restaurateur Julia Collins founded the delivery-only pizza company with Alex Garden, the former president of online gaming company, Zynga.

“I saw an opportunity to go after the $40 billion domestic delivery pizza market,” Garden said.

And they say they’re able to do it cheaper than the competition with help from specially designed robots like Bruno, who lifts pizzas into the oven. These robots also squirt out tomato sauce and then spread it, but a human still puts on the toppings. However, that step will be automated in March of next year.

Noel, who is doing that job now, said he is not worried about losing his job though.

“Noel is going to be helping us at our next facility in San Jose,” Collins explained.

The company is committed to using robots for repetitive, mundane tasks to eventually move kitchen staff into the front office, and shift focus to what Zume Pizza considers its marquee innovation, a truck with more than 50 ovens that cooks pizzas while they’re out for delivery using special software.

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If the pizza bots do a good job they can eat the pizza alone one day. Humans are only disturbing.

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