Marines Testing Machine Gun Wielding Robot Of Death

Lance Cpl. Frank Cordoba/US Marine Corps

Inevitably, every modern technological advance will be somehow factored into killing people, as is the case with the Marine new MAARS weaponized robot. One can fully expect that these kind of systems will be developed for local police force use as well.  TN Editor

The Marine Corps is actively testing a robotic system outfitted with sensors and cameras that can be armed with an M240 machine gun.

It’s called the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System, and it looks crazy.

Just last week, infantry Marines from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines were taking the robot out on training patrols at Camp Pendleton. Later this month, they’ll head to the Marines’ desert training site at 29 Palms, California to fire off plenty of live rounds.

If it were actually fielded, MAARS would complement the 13-person infantry squad that typically carries small arms, offering up a tracked vehicle that can zone in on targets with a mounted M240B machine gun firing 7.62mm NATO rounds.

It can carry about 400 rounds, or it can be reconfigured to tote a 40mm grenade launcher instead. The Qinetiq-built robot only hits 7 mph for a top speed (which is fast enough for troops who are walking alongside it) and can run for 8 to 12 hours.

Of course, it does have some limitations. It’s not totally hands-free, since operators need to hand reload it, and it could be stopped by rougher terrain. But MAARS is just one of many technologies the Corps is testing for its Warfighting Laboratory in an effort to field the “Marine Corps of 2025.”

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Although local police forces demonstrate great skills when it comes to murdering civilians their hit to shot percentage is less than 20%. In NYC I think the hit percentage is about 12%. I wonder what the hit percentage is with this device. Will it make killing civilians more effective? This kind of technology demonstrates man’s inability to advance socially / morally as fast as technology advances. While this is not as profound nor as destructive as the atomic bomb which Oppenheimer and his merry band of scientists brought us the idea that technology out paces man’s ability to use it… Read more »
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