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IMF Chief Lagarde: ‘We Are About To See Massive Disruptions’

IMF head, Christine Lagarde, is fully complicit with the United Nations, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Fintech and hence, Technocracy. Technocrats have created a huge moral hazard that favors the destruction of Capitalism and Free Enterprise.
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Scientists: By 2040, AI Implants Will Let Us Control Our Environment With Thoughts

Technocrat expectations of AI are far beyond the actual achievement, and their far-off predictions have more in common with science fiction than science. Nevertheless, Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is good reason to do so.
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Experimenting On Embryonic Humans Is Evil And Must Be Opposed

The slippery slope of eugenics-by-Technocrat has been further lubricated with genetic experimentation on embryos as old as seven days. Technocrats assign no value to human life, so experimenting with embryos is just another petri dish in the lab.
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Climate Change


2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development

Paris Planning Total Combustion Engine Ban by 2030

Several global cities like Paris are planning a 100% ban on combustion engines within their city limits, favoring instead electric trains, busses and bicycles. These cities are rising to a stature that exceeds their national domicile.

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