The procreation of the human race is faltering. Climate paranoia is crushing the dreams of young women who are either afraid to bring children into the world or believe it is immoral to do so.

Population Control

Computer development is expected by Intel, but technocrats within the Department of Energy have stretched their mission statement to include computer development in a public-private partnership arrangement.


Technocrats in Big Tech companies march to their own drumbeat of Technocracy, driving for a fully-engineered society controlled by them. Their self-view as masters of the universe will eventually be rejected


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Climate Change

2030 Agenda

Green Tech Expert: ‘Car Ownership Is Nonsense’

The UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda are personified by this propaganda: “walking comes first, bicycles and scooters second and public transport third. Cars should only come in fourth place.” That’s right, you can walk wherever you need to go.

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