]It's not just U.S. Technocrat billionaires who want to colonize outer space. A Russian billionaire's Asgardia plan is to create the first 'space nation' to offer citizenship and passports.


TN was correct in pegging Opportunity Zones as a vehicle to railroad Sustainable Development in underserved areas in cities and counties. Now, Rockefeller Foundation has jumped in with a major new program.

Opportunity Zones

The first generation were supposed to die, but some didn't and now the entire mosquito population is at risk of unintended consequences.  "Oops" from Technocrat scientists is not acceptable.

Genetic Engineering

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Climate Change

AOC: Do My Green New Deal Or Miami Will Vanish

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez levels a veiled threat against Miami, Florida if leaders don’t implement her Green New Deal; namely, that global warming will sink the city into oblivion. This is sounding more like a Marvel comic theme every day.

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2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development