Now that the BIS has guzzled the green global warming Kool-Aid, it suggests that a 'Green Swan' event is unpredictable as to when it will occur, but is absolutely certain that it will occur. 

Climate Change

TN has documented the headlong rush of Central Banks toward digital/blockchain currency in order to replace physical currencies. This will be the new financial system for Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.

Fintech & Blockchain

Doctors and scientists are calling on President Trump to declare a moratorium on 5G rollout until proper testing is completed over health concerns. However, Technocrats are intent on establishing 5G as quickly as possible to enable the Internet of Things.


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Climate Change


Parag Khanna: The 21st Century Belongs To Asia

Leading global Technocrat and scholar, Dr. Parag Khanna, claims that the 21st century belongs to Asia, not to the U.S. or the West in general. He also wrote the book, Technocracy in America, calling for complete transformation of our nation.

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2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development