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Sweden Is ‘In The Process Of Dismantling Democracy’, Headed Toward Technocracy

A socialist in Sweden says democracy is being dismantled and warns that it could be on the slippery slope towards technocracy or a dictatorship. This politician gets it, but Americans do not. I have warned for years that the clear and present danger to America is Technocracy, and NOT socialism, communism or fascism.
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Los Angeles Police Will Test Drones In Spite Of Overwhelming Citizen Protest

The mind of a Technocrat is this: We will tell you what we are going to do, and when you are done railing against us, we are going to do it anyway. The LAPD says the drones won't be weaponized but the fact that they even point that out indicates that they are planning on it at some point. 
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ASU Engineers Developing Edible Medical Devices

If mass surveillance of your external self is troublesome, then micro/mass surveillance of your insides will really creep  you out. Edibles, injectables and implantables are coming soon and will join the so-called Internet of Everything.
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Climate Change


2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development

Paris Planning Total Combustion Engine Ban by 2030

Several global cities like Paris are planning a 100% ban on combustion engines within their city limits, favoring instead electric trains, busses and bicycles. These cities are rising to a stature that exceeds their national domicile.

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