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Creepy And Dangerous: Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ Gone Invasive

This story is not about sex workers, but rather about how Facebook is mining external, non-Facebook data to merge with member profiles, and then exposing that to the world. There are huge legal and ethical issues, but who hasn't been creeped out when certain people pop up on y our 'People you may know' list in Facebook? Now you have a glimpse into what they are doing, and how it can be tremendously dangerous.
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Blockchain? Trump Admin Seeking Alternatives To Social Security Numbers

Calls for a universal ID system has skyrocketed since the Equifax breach and Technocrats are chomping at the bit to uniquely identify everyone, everywhere. This leapfrogs the concept of RealID by a country mile, and would be twice as dangerous to privacy.
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Selective Censorship: Apple Pulls Pro-Life Group’s App From App Store

Selective censorship by media giants is increasing at an alarming speed: if they don't like your politics or morality, they simply push the 'eject' button and you disappear. Technocrats have no ethical boundaries in censorship because they believe so strongly that they are right and everyone else is wrong.
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Climate Change


2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development

Paris Planning Total Combustion Engine Ban by 2030

Several global cities like Paris are planning a 100% ban on combustion engines within their city limits, favoring instead electric trains, busses and bicycles. These cities are rising to a stature that exceeds their national domicile.

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