This is the best article that I have yet seen that intentionally gets inside the head of Technocrat Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and the richest man on planet earth. Bezos is building an empire that resembles Star Trek's villainous Borg: swallowing entire societies by informing "You will be assimilated".

4th Industrial Revolution

Decommissioning a wind turbine does not include removing the massive concrete foundation blocks buried as deep as 15 feet into the ground, or cables buried deeper than 4 feet. 


The Mayors of 80 major global cities declare undying support for Green New Deal ideology. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was elected Chairman of C40. The green insanity has infected Copenhagen, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Austin, London and Seattle among others.

Green New Deal

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Climate Change

Walter Williams: Idiotic Environmental Predictions

The ugly bedrock philosophy of Scientism has inbred upon itself when it claims that science is the only source of truth about reality. Its result is not only un-scientific, but anti-scientific as it drives itself to justify its own fallacies at any cost.

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2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development

UN Running Out Of Cash, Pleads For Money

A prolonged global recession could signal a death knell for UN plans to conquer the world’s economic system as contributions dry up. President Trump may be less than generous in making up the difference.

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