Cox Communications and Arizona State University (ASU) announced at the 2019 ASU Smart Region Summit flagship event their partnership to create the Cox Connected Environments Collaboratory at ASU....


Technocrats among the global elite have long called for population control to reduce the consumption of resources and to cleans the human genome. Once regarded as a conspiracy theory, it is in plain view today.

Population Control

Transhumanism advances in the name of preventing genetic disease, thus extending life. Universities around the world are working feverishly and largely on tax payer money, to create a future nobody else wants.

Genetic Engineering

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Climate Change


2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development

Anti-Natalist Movement: ‘I Wish I’d Never Been Born’

As Technocracy/Sustainable Development is drilled into everyone’s skull, anti-human groupthink increases exponentially as a direct result. This self-destructive behavior could be likened to the proverbial lemmings-over-the-cliff who voluntarily plunge to their death for no particular reason.

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