Virtually every major publication in the world is promoting anti-meat rhetoric to 'save the planet' but now it's getting really personal as Keto dieters are pointedly shamed as 'irresponsible' stewards of earth.

Food Systems

The largest robot convention in the world is held annually in Beijing. Every conceivable kind of robot from brain surgeons to warehouse pickers and personal service attendants will be showcased.

4th Industrial Revolution

Why would cyber-thieves want to steal non-personal data that is available free to the public anyway? Or, is San Diego secretly collecting and storing more personal data that has greater value to hackers?

Smart Cities

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Climate Change


Troubled South Africa Looks To Technocracy For Solutions

South Africa has been destroyed by its solidly Marxist ANC party, and is now looking to Technocracy as seen in Japan, Singapore and China. This again validates Zbigniew Brzezinski’s theory that Marxism is a necessary stepping-stone to the final Technocratic state

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2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development

UN: Change Land Use To Avoid A Hungry Future

If global warming isn’t personal enough to scare you to death, the UN trots out the rabid notion that you are going to starve to death as a result of it. Coupled with rising sea levels and shortages of drinking water, mankind has no future unless… it adopts Sustainable Development.

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