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DHS/Fusion Centers Co-Opted To Spy On Patriots Concerned About Islam

During the Obama years, several Muslim individuals were placed into high-level positions at the DHS and who were also formative in the creation of Fusion Centers all over the U.S. The stated purpose of the Fusion Center initiative was to deter terrorism, but later government studies showed a complete failure to live up to its original mission. Despite being publicly discredited, Fusion Centers are still in full operation today, and it seems that another purpose-for-existence has surfaced: To spy on citizen activists who are concerned about Islam.

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Smart Cities: Fulfilling The Promise Of Technology In Local & State Government

As economic uncertainty and turmoil spread throughout the world, Technocrats call for the demise of Free Enterprise and Capitalism and salvation through implementation of technology and Technocracy. Virtually all underlying assumptions are flawed, if not altogether false. 

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5G Rollout Will Unlock Smart Cities, Internet Of Everything

Urban planners intend to hardwire 5G into the fabric of smart cities in order to achieve maximum efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost savings. Sensors everywhere will collect real-time data on everything that moves or functions, providing real-time modeling with artificial intelligent algorithms.

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Climate Change


2030 Agenda

Secretary Of The Interior Orders First-Ever National Survey Of Critical Minerals

In keeping with Public-Private Partnerships, Secretary Zinke has ordered an inventory of all mineral resources on public and private land in the U.S. When he states “Other nations are far ahead of us with mapping of their mineral resources, leading to private sector investment overseas rather than right here at home”, note that his eye is on private sector investment.

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Sustainable Development

Trilateral Commission Member Exits Trump Administration For Goldman Sachs

 member of the Trilateral Commission and the CfT, Powell served at U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy to President Donald Trump. She also concurrently served as Assistant to the President for Economic Initiatives. The Trilateral Commission was instrumental in calling for a New International Economic Order in 1973, and then creating and promoting the doctrine of Sustainable Development at the U.N., aka Technocracy. Thus, Powell’s first year with Trump allowed her to have a huge impact on Trump’s economic policy.

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