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Snowden: The NSA Is Hunting Down Senders And Receivers Of Bitcoin

There are crooks and then there are lots of normal and innocent people who deal with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The digital bloodhounds at the NSA took it as a challenge to hunt them all down and track their activity. This required new tools and techniques. You may think that your crypto-wallet is safe and private, but that perception will crumble once you know that the NSA is on your heels.

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Guiyang, China: Real-Time Facial Recognition From Cameras In 10,000 Public Areas Catch Suspects In 2 Minutes

Americans think, “Haha, look at what China is doing”, not realizing that this very same technology is coming to America and will enable a Scientific Dictatorship at which even Huxley or Orwell would recoil. Well, Americans had better wake up the the real and present danger of Technocracy!

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New York Post: The World Is Descending Into Tyranny

The author of this story recognizes the obvious descent into tyranny, but not that the tyranny itself is Technocracy, aka Sustainable Development.  Jinping, Putin, Erdogan and other dictators are head-over-heels in support of Sustainable Development. China is most clearly a Technocracy. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President in 1933, one year after Technocracy was founded at Columbia University, early Technocrats called for him to declare himself dictator in order to implement Technocracy. This is the best way to kick-start Technocracy because a dictator has no pesky resistance to get in his way, as in China, Russia or Turkey.

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Trilateral Commission Member Exits Trump Administration For Goldman Sachs

 member of the Trilateral Commission and the CfT, Powell served at U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy to President Donald Trump. She also concurrently served as Assistant to the President for Economic Initiatives. The Trilateral Commission was instrumental in calling for a New International Economic Order in 1973, and then creating and promoting the doctrine of Sustainable Development at the U.N., aka Technocracy. Thus, Powell’s first year with Trump allowed her to have a huge impact on Trump’s economic policy.

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