AI is often programmed to learn how manipulate our emotions, and to measure success when we conform. This psychopathic trait  is the pinnacle of social engineering and humans have very little awareness that it even happens.


The pro-AI hype surrounding it offers human-level intelligence, but the reality may be far less. AI may find narrow areas of application, but no amount of knowledge can lead to wisdom.


Asia is morphing into Technocracy, with China leading the way. Communism and Socialism are fading away, even as the trappings remain. Facing a potential enemy demands that we know who he is and what he believes.


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Climate Change


2030 Agenda

Green Tech Expert: ‘Car Ownership Is Nonsense’

The UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda are personified by this propaganda: “walking comes first, bicycles and scooters second and public transport third. Cars should only come in fourth place.” That’s right, you can walk wherever you need to go.

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