Data is the new oil of the 21st century and Technocrats are the new roughnecks. In this case, the software is free but your data is priceless and wantonly harvested without your consent or knowledge.


PCLOB is a federal watchdog agency that advises Congress and the Executive on privacy issues. It is being actively lobbied by privacy groups to issue a recommend a ban on facial recognition in America

Total Surveillance Society

Chemtrails have officially arrived  to cool the earth. What was once lambasted as a conspiracy theory is now in plain view, headquartered at NOAA and backed by Congressional funding. 

Climate Change

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Climate Change


Parag Khanna: The 21st Century Belongs To Asia

Leading global Technocrat and scholar, Dr. Parag Khanna, claims that the 21st century belongs to Asia, not to the U.S. or the West in general. He also wrote the book, Technocracy in America, calling for complete transformation of our nation.

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2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development