AI sees humanity itself as a thing to be optimized, squeezing out all inefficiency. When unleashed as your boss, AI effectively turns you into a living robot to be controlled like a puppet on a string. Employees will never tolerate this indefinitely.

4th Industrial Revolution

Walmart has hired a social engineering company, Everseen, to control and change behavior of its shoppers through the use of AI-based surveillance systems. By surveilling everyone, Walmart hopes to catch a few cheaters.


There has never been a global shortage of water, but geologists have discovered virtually unlimited near-fresh aquifers underneath the oceans. One such structure off the East Coast contains more than 2.8 trillion tons of water.


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Climate Change


Totalitarianism In China: Technocracy or Communism?

This is a thoughtful article, but it attributes China’s totalitarianism to Communism instead of Technocracy, which is a common misconception. China prizes Technocracy’s “science of social engineering” more than anything else and is creating a Scientific Dictatorship.

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2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development