Big Pharma Singles Out, Hunts Down Dissenting Doctors

Technocrats at Big Pharma cannot tolerate dissenting doctors, especially those who have successfully treated COVID with early therapies. Thus, they are using every possibly lever to destroy their careers and silence them. This anti-competitive practice could be stopped by local, state or federal government and/or courts, but they are silent. This highlights that it is Technocrats who are in control now, not government.

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Sharyl Attkisson: Vaccine Mandates Are The Ultimate Showdown

Pandemic policies have nothing to do with health of citizens when “saving” 100 lives on left hand results in crushing the lives of 1,000 on the right hand. As seasoned and experienced workers are thrown out of their careers, many will end up with menial jobs just trying to survive. Others will literally be thrown into homelessness.