Population Control

mRNA Shots Are Causing Major Fertility Problems With Both Men And Women

Conventional war is hell and Technocracy’s bio-war is worse. Nobody can argue that the existential damage being done to humanity is just an accident or an unintended consequence: It screams depopulation plus crippling all resistance to being forced into a scientific dictatorship, aka Technocracy. World citizens must resist, first by not taking any more Big Pharma COVID shots and secondly, by restoring your health if you have taken a shot.

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Eugenics Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth

After the defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII, the world thought it was done with eugenics, that is, ethnic cleansing and depopulation. Today, the shock of ages is that not only is eugenics still asserting itself, but that it is becoming the major narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic.