Police State

Brits Are Protesting 15-Minute Cities To Avoid Becoming Prisoners Of The State

A 15-minute city means everything you have to (or can do) exists within 15 minutes from where you live. People are seeing it as a virtual gulag where confinement is monitored with geo-fencing, smart phones and panopticon-style surveillance. Also perceived is the inability (or great difficulty) to escape from your assigned 15-minute neighborhood. Globalists and Technocrats are thrilled at the prospect.

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China Runs Police Outpost In New York City

The long arm of China’s police reaches into other countries where Chinese citizens reside, encouraging them to return to the homeland to face criminal prosecution. The first in the U.S. was New York City. This is reminiscent of China’s Confucius Centers at universities nationwide that spied on academia.