Green New Deal

Economic Suicide: Germany Passes Green Heating Law Mandating 65% Renewable Energy

This is the face of Technocracy. In an earlier law, Germany mandated that homes replace gas/coal/oil heating systems with electric. Now they are demanding the new systems use 65% alternative energy from windmills and solar panels. These “greens” are crushing their country. Crushing. And now John Kerry, Joe Biden and the Green New Deal crowd are ready to cram it down our throats in America. 

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Former Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Promotes ‘green new deal’

During his 34 years in Congress, Harry Reid used every dirty political trick in the book to further his radical, progressive agenda, including Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. Now he is in the center of an effort to subvert more conservative states into a ‘green new deal’