Microsoft Readies ChatGPT-Like AI For Its Search Engine Bing

Microsoft CEO says AI will disrupt the world like the invention of personal computers and “cloud computing.” Microsoft is implementing OpenAI and ChatGPT into Bing while Google is launching Bard into its search engine. By the end of 2023, the knowledge acquisition landscape will be completely transformed and as yet, nobody is exactly certain what it will look like, except that it will adhere to “woke” dogma.

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Microsoft Invests $10 Billion In ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI

ChatGPT is turning the AI world on its head. Google is in a panic because it doesn’t own OpenAI, which threatens its monopoly on AI. Microsoft invested $1 billion into OpenAI in 2019 and it now looking to pour in another $10 billion – ten times the original investment.