Claim: Facial Recognition AI Can Reveal Your Political Party

The question is not that this actually works, but that they believe it works. Belief and reality are two different things, and society is steeped in deception over what is real and factual. They should test to see if the AI works better during a full moon.

Pre-Crime Claim: Student Grades Can Predict Future Life Of Crime

If you think racial profiling is problematic, just wait until you understand criminal profiling… of school children based on grades plus psychographic and demographic factors. Meddling with school records is apparently OK because it is done by Technocrats who, after all, think that all answers to society’s problems can be solved by them.

The Focus Of AI Is Shifting From ‘Data’ To ‘Knowledge’

Artificial Intelligence naturally produces Artificial Knowledge. Do you see anything wrong with this proposition? One definition of artificial is “made by people to look very like something natural”, which means it’s fake while deceptively intending to convince you it’s real.