WEF’s Klaus Schwab Calls For Globalist Mastery Over AI

Speaking of technologies like AI. Schwab proclaimed, “Who masters those technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world.” Of course, he wants to be the master of the world in order to bring in his Technocratic/Transhumanist Utopia. Is he worried that the world might go in a different direction? Absolutely.

Joe Allen: Countdown to Gigadeath – From AI Arms Race to Artilect War

ChatGPT has not reached the level of  expected Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), but it is close and is expected by 2024. Certainly by 2025. With the exponential explosion of machine-created “intelligence”, human intelligence is at risk of being completely overwhelmed and disrupted on a planetary scale. The domination of man’s mental processes could be final key to full-blown global technocracy.

It Begins: Bing Adds ChatGPT To Microsoft’s Signature Search Engine

Microsoft is first-to-market by embedding ChatGPT into its search engine Bing and its browser, Edge. It has been upgraded to version 4 of OpenAI’s GPT software. Competitors are racing to catch up. Apple is holding back, which is its traditional practice, but when it announces, its offering may well leapfrog everything else.

Professor: Militant Liberals Are Politicizing Artificial Intelligence

Although originally posted in December 2020, this article written by a professor emeritus of computer science and engineering is critical to understand the threat posed by Open AI’s “woke” ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. If they are woke or biased, it is because they were written to be that way.

China’s Alibaba Joins AI Race To Challenge ChatGPT

Open AI’s ChatGPT platform gathered 100 million active users in just four months, launching an all-out “arms race” between Internet giants Microsoft, Google, Baidu and Alibaba. There is no doubt that Apple is lurking in the shadows. Hundreds of app developers are already licensing the ChatGPT API to build related consumer and business products.

Microsoft Readies ChatGPT-Like AI For Its Search Engine Bing

Microsoft CEO says AI will disrupt the world like the invention of personal computers and “cloud computing.” Microsoft is implementing OpenAI and ChatGPT into Bing while Google is launching Bard into its search engine. By the end of 2023, the knowledge acquisition landscape will be completely transformed and as yet, nobody is exactly certain what it will look like, except that it will adhere to “woke” dogma.

ChatGPT Is Thoroughly ‘Woke’ But Google Will Compete To Be Even More Woke

We are in the age of AI wars. The competition is not to see who can produce the most intelligent responses to pressing questions, but to drive the world to more extreme wokeness by skewing answers toward racism, love of leftist causes and hatred of conservative ones. Artificial Intelligence is just that… artificial, and it is written and driven by Technocrat’s intent on crushing critical thinking.