Economic Suicide: Germany Passes Green Heating Law Mandating 65% Renewable Energy

This is the face of Technocracy. In an earlier law, Germany mandated that homes replace gas/coal/oil heating systems with electric. Now they are demanding the new systems use 65% alternative energy from windmills and solar panels. These “greens” are crushing their country. Crushing. And now John Kerry, Joe Biden and the Green New Deal crowd are ready to cram it down our throats in America. 

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Synthetic Human Embryos: No Need For Eggs Or Sperm

At the same time when synthetic wombs are being created, genetic scientists are perfecting synthetic embryos, where traditional eggs and sperm are not required. This scenario is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World, where all babies were created in a test tube and incubated to term in an artificial womb.