UN Claim: Energy Is A Basic Human Right

Freedom is a basic human right, while energy is not. Energy is a commercially-produced product that is available for a fee, in order to extend your personal horsepower beyond your own efforts. Everyone should be free to purchase energy if they have the need to do so, but nobody has the right to demand free energy just because they are human.

U.S. Fishermen Fear Forests Of Wind Turbines At Sea

Wind turbines and fishing don’t mix, but that isn’t stopping turbine operators from installing hundreds of giant wind generators in the Atlantic ocean. Industry studies support deep-water turbines as symbiotic with marine life but actual fisherman know better. From regulations to harmful sounds and electromagnetic vibrations, offshore wind farms portend as much ecological damage as their terrestrial counterparts.

76 Million Smart Meters Have Been Deployed Across U.S.

Smart Meters are instruments of surveillance that can monitor household and business activities with precision, based on patterns of power consumed. Control over energy production and distribution was an original goal of Technocracy in the 1930s. Currently, 60% of America is blanketed with these meters.