Tariffs Knock Solar Energy Installations By 50%

It is obvious that the U.S. alternative energy industry is moving forward on two wooden legs: 1) cheap imports from China and 2) tax subsidies. In this case, solar energy installations where immediately whacked by 50% when tariffs were raised.

Bay Area City Halts 5G Development Over Health Concerns

5G Technocrats who blatantly ignored early health warnings are now embroiled in conflict with cities who are blocking installation over those same concerns. As the news cycle spreads these development, other cities are further encouraged to throw up stop signs. It’s going to be a tectonic battle.

France’s Clean Nuclear Energy Leapfrogs Germany’s Solar And Wind

In the battle for ‘clean’ energy, France has whipped Germany by a margin of 3 to 1 with its use of reliable nuclear power. However, most environmental zealots hate nuclear energy as much as fossil fuels, so their collective global lobby has blocked development of new nuclear power plants. If it is allowed to continue, this foolishness will set humanity back 100 years.

Colorado Plans To Retire Coal, Shift To Renewables And Storage

Colorado says it must invest $2.5 billion for renewable energy capacity in order to save ratepayers $213, and people fall for it. The fact is, consumer rates have consistently gone up, some radically so, whenever alternative energy is introduced to the mix. These promoters are reminiscent of carnival barkers at a county fair.