Technocratic-Fascism: Like Moths Drawn To The Flame

When the “system” knows you better than you know yourself, you cannot escape its control. Whoever has the data makes the rules, and those rules can encase you, console you, manipulate you, shape you until you are doing everything someone else wants you to do. This is the “Science of Social Engineering” as predicted by Technocracy back in the 1930s.

The Green, Green Road To Energy Blackouts

Of course, California vehemently denies that their alternative energy policies and/or installations have anything to do with rolling blackouts or brownouts this summer. However, anybody with half a brain can immediately connect the dots surrounding California’s failing energy policy. The only remedy is to reverse course while there is still a viable state to do so.

DC Mayor: $1,000 Fine For Not Wearing Mask Outside Home

The Great Panic of 2020 is rising to new heights as police in Washington, DC are instructed to issue $1, 000 citations to anyone caught not wearing a mask in public. This only demonstrates that the police state currently has the upper hand in America.

Yelp: 41% Of Closed Businesses Are Closed For Good

Yelp does not represent all the small businesses in America, but the reality of economic destruction is indeed shocking. The long-standing dream of Technocracy and Technocrats has been to kill the global economic system, and they have largely succeeded