Yelp: 41% Of Closed Businesses Are Closed For Good

Yelp does not represent all the small businesses in America, but the reality of economic destruction is indeed shocking. The long-standing dream of Technocracy and Technocrats has been to kill the global economic system, and they have largely succeeded

Of Technocrats And Authoritarianism

Technocrats invariably posture themselves as being politically agnostic because they have “objective science” on their side. The problem is that their science is anything but objective and they are driven by the ideology of social engineering.

Fed Chairman Powell: Economic Recovery May Depend On Vaccine?

The Federal Reserve is a fully Technocrat organization that, along with all the central banks of the world, seeks to stampede the world into Sustainable Development. Now the Fed reinforces Big Pharma by telling us we might just need a vaccine before recovery can happen.

Boston Review: Technocracy After COVID-19

This writer discusses historic and modern Technocracy in relation to crisis management vs. stable times. It strongly points out the role of Technocracy in the COVID-19 debacle and asks whether it is the right standard to apply or not.