Climate Change

UNconventional Grey: The Missing Link Between Geo-Engineering And Climate Change

This documentary was produced by the late film-maker Michael J. Murphy before his death. It wasn’t discovered until seven years later. I did an extended interview for this documentary and then promptly forgot about it, figuring that nothing came of it. This is a explosive link between geo-engineering and the UN’s Climate Change agenda. Please watch to the end and then share!

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Ireland Debates Killing 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change

Thanks to the incessant needling by the United Nations global warming cultists, virtually every nation on earth has declared war on agriculture in general and red meat in particular. Alternative food, such as insects and lab-grown meat, is comparable to the scam of inefficient and expensive alternative energy. Both are delusional and refuse to be corrected despite clear evidence exposing the madness.