C.S. Lewis Foresaw Dystopian Technocracy Based On Scientism

Several people in the 1900s foresaw where society was headed. C.S. Lewis was one of them. His book, That Hideous Strength, describes “a literal pact with the devil at the highest reaches of the technocracy, but at the same time a mechanism whereby the larger system remains defiantly bland and normal-seeming, and only a crazy person would ever think there‚Äôs anything hidden at the heart.”

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Technocrats Created An Epidemic Of Mandatory

Technocrats who believe in “science says” have no problem in forcing everyone to follow its dictates. Thus, “mandatory” and “compulsory” become the normal, and just one step away from outright scientific dictatorship. However, like global warming pseudo-science, it is all based on subjective analysis, corrupted computer modeling and faulty data.