Smart Cities

15-Minute Cities Are Technates In Disguise

The 15-minute city is a cover for a data collection bonanza for Technocrats who would design and operate them. Cities designed for maximum “efficiency” always reveal Technocrat thinking that efficiency itself is the goal, and that maximum surveillance allows for maximum control to achieve even more efficiency. At its very root. this mechanistic thinking is anti-human.

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Neom: Saudi Arabia To Build The World’s Largest Smart City In History

China constructed its infamous technocrat-inspired “ghost cities” designed to house tens of millions but rather stand empty today. Saudi Arabia is building a technocrat-inspired smart city that is 33 times larger than New York that will make Dubai look like an outpost. Both examples are completely unplugged from reality. Technocrats build because they can, not because there is any good reason to do so.