Smart Cities

Neom: Saudi Arabia To Build The World’s Largest Smart City In History

China constructed its infamous technocrat-inspired “ghost cities” designed to house tens of millions but rather stand empty today. Saudi Arabia is building a technocrat-inspired smart city that is 33 times larger than New York that will make Dubai look like an outpost. Both examples are completely unplugged from reality. Technocrats build because they can, not because there is any good reason to do so.

Hohmann: How Technocrats Use Cities To Create Digital Slaves

Prisoners of war are slaves when put into concentration camps. Modern cities are headed in that direction as ubiquitous surveillance and monitoring technology is merged into the human condition via implants, wearables and ingested sensors. Add to that the totally immersive Metaverse and you have a perfect recipe for outright slavery. 

Infrastructure Bill Provides Billions To Roll Out Smart City Tech

City-based Technocrats are thrilled that Biden’s recently passed infrastructure bill will lather cities with billions of dollars for smart city projects designed to light up the Internet of Things, provide ubiquitous surveillance and wrap in outlying areas that are currently out of reach of the surveillance state. Did you think that infrastructure spending was about fixing potholes and bridges?

IKE’s Smart City Surveillance Kiosks Installed In Houston

Marketed on the basis of being free and convenient, the IKE kiosks collect data on every person who comes near them, including id’ing your bluetooth and wifi devices. Cameras record your face, examine your choices and selections. Their payback is “surveillance capitalism” where you are subsumed into the Technocrat control grid.

Telosa: A Technocratic City In The Making

Utopia, aka Technocracy, by any other name is still Utopia and not one single attempt to built it has ever succeeded. Yet,  the billionaire class continue the myth by promoting new efforts on virtually ever continent on earth. Telosa is the latest iteration to build a city from the ground up to model their dreams.