Smart Cities

Case Study: ‘Smart City’ Pitched For Arkansas

Here it starts with one guy saying, “Nobody has done that yet. So that’s the vision”. Next come the cascade of false assumptions whereby it is claimed that only more technology can solve a multitude of problems. This top-down approach to city building has always failed because people will not be managed in the way envisioned.

5G Rollout Will Unlock Smart Cities, Internet Of Everything

Urban planners intend to hardwire 5G into the fabric of smart cities in order to achieve maximum efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost savings. Sensors everywhere will collect real-time data on everything that moves or functions, providing real-time modeling with artificial intelligent algorithms.

Singapore Rated Top In Rank Among Global Smart Cities

Dr. Parag Khanna, professor at Yew School for Public Policy in Singapore, rightly claims that Singapore is a Technocracy. Note that Smart Cities means a) autonomous transportation, b) remote healthcare, c) cameras and surveillance and d) cashless economy. Singapore truly has applied the “science of social engineering”.

Wowsa! Smart Cities Market Worth $2.57 Trillion By 2025

Smart City investment and infrastructure is instrumental in forming a full-blown Technocracy, enabling micro-management of people, systems and societal directions. There is a global frenzy for the money being spent, but most of it will go to giant multinational corporations like GE, Siemens, Nvidia, Cisco, etc. This is not the future that people have chosen, but they will trapped in it nonetheless

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