Smart Cities

Bill Gates To Build 25,000 Acre Smart City In Arizona

Smart Cities are a key component of the full implementation of Technocracy, because they are an comprehensive expression of scientific social engineering. Technologies pioneered by Gates’ project will quickly weave their ways into other existing cities.

Dubai Vs. Smart City – The Future Of Happiness?

Technocrats claim that convenience makes you happy, and in Dubai, its Smart City technology makes everything convenient. However, Dubai is an Islamic dictatorship, where creating a Smart City bypasses all direct input from citizens who must live under it. Scientific Dictatorship promises the moon, but the realization of it will be a dark moon rising, indeed.

Dubai Hopes To Lead The World With Technocratic Smart City

For oil-rich Dubai, money is no object and its Islamic dictatorship poses no impediment for Technocrats to create the most Technocracy-oriented city in the world. Indeed, the entire Islamic world is completely sold out to the UN’s program of Sustainable Development, New Urban Agenda, Green Finance, etc., and seeks to be the leader in all of these area. This amply demonstrates that Technocracy and Islam are not rivals, but rather are highly symbiotic.

Nvidia Partners With Alibaba and Huawei To Build Smart City Platform

The venerable graphics giant Nvidia is leading the smart city revolution and has teamed up with the China Technocracy to expand their technology platform. What happens in China will not stay in China, since developed technology will return to its origin, namely, the United States. Already, China is the most surveilled nation on earth.

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